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Orbic AX54N Tutorials - Need Help?

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Included Accessories:

  • Refer to the User Guide


  • 9 Volt Battery for Emergency Backup
  • Audible Beeper for Programming Configuration and Motion Detection
  • Low Battery Warning LED
  • Multiple LED indicators: AX54N has 9 LED indicators – Power, Battery, Signal, "*", Zone Status Indicators 1–4
  • Optional accessories: Motion Sensor / Magnetic Door Sensor / Remote Key Fob
  • Panic Button for Emergency Situations
  • Remote Arm/Disarm Capabilities
  • RUIM Support
  • Serial number = 14 Hex alphanumeric
  • Silent Alarm Capability
  • Standard Telephone Keypad with Tactile Feel
  • Tamper Prevention on Alert Panel and Motion Sensor
  • Technology = CDMA / Verizon
  • The Remote Alert System is a standalone (non- monitored) device that has a built-in wireless module that can send an SMS message or place a phone call to up to 8 pre-assigned numbers when a sensor is triggered.
Available Tutorials